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Cropwat calculates the amount of water needed for the irrigation of crop fields
Swati Dubey
Answer by Swati Dubey

Unfortunately, if the soil type is not available in CROPWAT, it cannot be used in the program. Consider using a similar soil type or contacting the developers of the software to request the addition of the missing soil type in a future update.

Answer by Sean Hill

There isn't much information about the CROPWAT application, only a website, a download and some publications. I strongly suggest you access the built-in Help section to see what are the available features and in general how to work with it.

I've also extended the search query on other websites but didn't find anything about the issue raised by you in the question above. You can also visit the official website as well.

Question by Richard
January 5, 2016

Can this be used on an Apple Laptop with Excel?

Answer by Robert Polubinski

No, the application can't be used on Apple's OSX operating system because, according to the developer's information, it can run only on Windows platforms: 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, and XP. On Mac you could try to run it using WineBottler. WineBottler allows you to run and install Windows apps without Windows OS. However, even if you manage to install it, the application won't have the possibility to communicate with MAC OS X version of Excel.

Question by Guest
May 26, 2014

Does somebody know why in Cropwat 8.0, in the section Crop water requirements, the column : Irrigation requirements doesn't always correspond to the difference between the column ETc and the column Effective Rianfall?

Answer by Sean Hill

There is an online study which explains the difference and how the values need to be interpreted. The study refers exactly to the irrigation requirements and its parameters. You can visit the official website of the application to read this study and understand the difference.

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